• Skills Building

    We’ll discuss the skills and knowledge needed to be successful at securing corporate partners.


Skills Building Workshops

These sessions will be held five times per year from noon until 1 PM PT on the third Tuesday of the month in January, April, July, September and November.

Tuesday July 18, 2023

Topic: Negotiating: Never split the difference

As a corporate fundraising professional, most likely you’ve been asked to ‘send me something in writing’. What does that mean? Learn how to respond to that request. Together we’ll create a template that you can customize and use with other potential funders.

Time: Noon until 1 PM PT

Format: Virtual via zoom

Fee: Free for Annual Pass Holders; $30 for others

For more information: joy@corporategn.com or 425.653.1575

Past Speakers

Thank you to our past speakers


Shane Beharry

Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships
Huskies Sports Properties

July 26, 2022

Joy Stephens

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