Corporate Giving Conference

What lies ahead in the upcoming decade in the corporate giving space?
Online | September 10th and 11th, 2020

Corporate Giving Conference

The only conference for nonprofits that focuses on corporate philanthropy (grants), cause sponsorships, employee volunteerism, workplace giving and cause marketing all in one space.

This annual conference focuses on helping nonprofits identify and pursue corporate donors with the aim to increase their revenue thereby growing their organizations. We invite speakers from the corporate sector who are decision makers in awarding grants, authorizing sponsorships and handling cause marketing requests.

This Year’s Conference is Virtual

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Speaker Information

Mari Horita

NHL Seattle

Vice President of Community Engagement and Philanthropy

Marie-Claude Milot


Head of People, Culture & Engagement

Jesse Rhodes


Senior Manager Risk, Custom Billing Solutions, AWS Commerce Platform

Carina Weyer

F5 & F5 Foundation

Manager of Global Good

Andrew Over

Regence BlueShield

Regional Market Vice President

Tracy Wort

Symetra Financial Services

Assistant Director of Community Relations

Tiffany Sanders

QFC | Fred Meyer

Division Manager, Corporate Affairs

Ashley Monson


Social Impact Program manager


Amanda Course

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Communications Officer

John Delaney

Windstar Cruises


Hillary Schneider

Sellen Construction

Community Impact Manager

Andrew Miller


Tech Lead Manager

Debra Holland

Debra Holland

Columbia Bank

Vice President, Commercial Relationship Banking Officer

Ranna Daud

After-School All-Stars

Executive Director

Tara Jones

Girl Scouts of Western Washington

Chief Marketing and Philanthropy Officer

Maya Hemachandra

Solid Ground

Resource Development Director

Thomasina Tafur

Thomasina Tafur Consulting


Heather Muir


Director of Goodness Enterprise Sales Executive

Kathy Parks


Career & Leadership Coach

Joy Stephens

Corporate Giving Network

Founder & President

Corporate Giving Conference 2019 Recap

2020 Corporate Giving Conference Agenda

What’s coming in 2020 and beyond? With a look to the future, our conference will have more tracts that ever before along with breakout sessions broken down into novice and experience levels.

Spend the two days improving your skills in securing funding and support from the business community. Learn from executive level speakers who are experts in their field. Network with a diverse group of nonprofit professionals many with several years of experience in corporate giving and sponsorship.

The following six topics will be covered in detail:

1. Corporate Philanthropy (Grants, cash and goods-in-kind)

2. Sponsorships, Endorsements & Underwriting

3. Cause-Related Marketing

4. Employee Volunteerism

5. Workplace Giving

6. Skills building

7:30 AM - Thursday September 10th, 2020

Chat Rooms and Breakfast

8:00 AM

Welcome & Program Introduction

8:15 AM

Morning Keynote


Mari Horita – (Seattle Kraken)

Ms Horita, Vice President Community Engagement and Philanthropy will kick-off our conference by sharing her plans for corporate giving at Seattle’s newest pro sports team, Seattle Kraken. We are so grateful that Mari is with us as she has been on both sides of the desk having served as the President and CEO at ArtsFund for over seven years. At this nonprofit which resides in the arts sector, 90% of the funding came from the corporate community. She understands our challenges and knows what it takes to be successful in securing corporate support.

9:15 AM

Cause-Related Marketing 


Marie-Claude Milot (Darigold) and Tara Jones (Girls Scouts of Western Washington) and Tiffany Sanders (QFC | Kroger)

Our moderator will help you discover what it takes to partner with a business in creating a mutually beneficial outcome: the business wins through increased revenue, a reputation of giving back and customer loyalty. The nonprofit wins through increased awareness and revenue. Lots of variations exist – pick what will work for you.

10:15 AM



Andrew Over (Regence BlueShield), Debra Holland (Columbia Bank) and Hillary Schneider (Sellen Construction)

Moderated by Joy Stephens, this discussion focuses on the best practices on how to secure a sponsor and maintain the relationship long term. In addition, we will explore how sponsorships have changed as events are being held virtually? What has this meant for how we approach sponsors and what benefits we offer.

11:15 AM

Skills Builder – Emotional Intelligence & Social Styles 


Kathy Parks

Understanding Emotional Intelligence and your donor’s personality style helps you build better relationships and therefore outcomes.
Do you wonder why when you meet some people you automatically click and with others you just can’t form a connection? Do you wonder why some meetings go really well and others are uncomfortable and awkward? Do you wish you had more awareness around how to build relationships for better results for your nonprofit? This session will answer these questions and more.

12:00 PM

Zeacon World 

12:30 PM

Raffle Drawings for $100 QFC Gift Card and Basket of Girl Scouts Cookies 

7:30 AM - Friday September 11th, 2020

Chat Rooms and Breakfast

8:00 AM

Welcome and Opening Remarks

8:15 AM

Board Importance during Covid-19

Jesse Rhodes (Amazon) + Ranna Raud (After-School All-Stars),  Andrew Miller (Google) + Maya Hemachandra (Solid Ground)

Moderator: Joy Stephens

We know that a good board means a diverse board. Diversity comes in all forms including race, gender, age, socio-economic status, employment status etc. To that end, all nonprofits should have a member of its board employed by ‘big business’. The benefits to this are plentiful including 1.) access to business know-how 2.) matching funds 3.) payment for volunteer hours 4.) access to volunteers 5.) better chances of getting sponsorship, grants and workplace giving

9:15 AM

Employee Volunteerism & Workplace Giving 


Tracy Wort (Symetra) and Amanda Course (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

Moderated by Heather Muir of Benevity, this session digs deep into the adjustments companies and nonprofits made in response to Covid-19 and the subsequent changes to the workforce. How do you engage volunteers when they are working from home? How do you get volunteers involved in your projects when the prudent thing to do is to wear a mask, keep six feet apart and preferably be outdoors? Best practices and out of the box ideas will be presented.

10:15 AM

Corporate Philanthropy


Ashley Monson (Tableau), John Delaney (Formerly Windstar Cruises), Carina Weyer (F5 and F5 Foundation)

Cash, grants and goods-in-kind make up the $21.09 billion companies donated to nonprofits in 2019. When this year started things looked rosy but in the back of our minds we knew this was an election year so things may be a bit unsettling.  Never did we guess that we would be dealt the hand of a global pandemic. Companies and nonprofits alike have had to adjust. We will discuss how companies changed gears, how they supported the nonprofit community during the epidemic and what they plan to do in 2021 and beyond.

11:15 AM

Skills Builder – Negotiation Skills 101


Thomasina Tafur

Learn everything you need to know to get to “yes”!
Our instinct is to accept the gift from our corporate donor, say thank you and be glad we at least got something even though our objective for the meeting was to get ten times what we were offered. This session will give you the confidence and the skills to negotiate for a better ‘deal’ for your nonprofit.
You will learn how to: 1.) Recognize different negotiation strategies 2.) Better understand the buyer in front of you 3.) Know what a “win/win” outcome really looks like.

12:00 PM

$1,000 Grant awarded, Door Prizes and Closing Remarks


The Corporate Giving Conference will be held as a virtual event this year.

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