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Employee Engagement & Workplace Giving


Employee Engagement & Workplace Giving


Our attendees were inspired by industry leaders and subject matter experts.

Sam Whiting

Sam Whiting

Boeing Commercial Airlines

Sam Whiting is director of Global Corporate Citizenship (GCC) for Boeing Commercial Airplanes in the Western region and South Carolina. Named to his position in May 2016, Whiting is responsible for developing and executing strategies that will cultivate thriving communities and engage Boeing employees in Washington, South Carolina, and numerous western states where Boeing has a presence. GCC’s primary areas of giving are: 21st Century skill development, support for veterans and military families, environment and stormwater reduction, and arts and culture.

Karen Bergin

Karen Bergin


Karen’s team brings to life the company’s mission which is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. The team seeks to invest the company’s strongest assets – technology, money, employee talent, and the company’s voice – to partner with nonprofits and communities to create lasting positive impact. In the most recent fiscal year, Microsoft’s total annual giving surpassed $1 billion, with cash donations of nearly $120 million and in kind donations worth nearly $950 million.

Kim Solem

Kim Solem


Kim currently leads all social and environmental initiatives for T-Mobile, including the TMUS Foundation. She previously led Corporate Social Responsibility for the Expedia, Inc. family of brands, and oversaw employee community engagement at Microsoft Corporation. Her experience also includes building two unique start-up social enterprises that leverage technology to further civic engagement. 

Kim has extensive leadership and strategic planning experience in the nonprofit sector through board roles with local, national and international organizations such as Facing the Future, the World Heritage Alliance, United Way of America, and United Way of King County. Kim has a longstanding commitment to building and strengthening communities, and has invested thousands of volunteer hours with youth development, low-income housing and environmental initiatives.

Aaron Hurst

Aaron Hurst


Aaron Hurst is a globally recognized social entrepreneur who works to create communities that are empowered to realize their potential. He is the CEO of Imperative, a B Corp advocating for Purpose-Oriented Workers and supporting the organizations that embrace them. Aaron is widely known for writing, The Purpose Economy (2014), a book that “shows how the mass quest for self-expression in the workplace is reshaping corporate behavior and creating new economic opportunities.” –Reid Hoffman, Co-founder/Chair of LinkedIn

Nate Miles

Nate Miles

Eli Lilly and Company

As the Vice President for Strategic Initiatives for Eli Lilly and Company, Nate leads concept, development and flawless implementation of innovative and highly effective strategic initiatives to generate sound public policy and brand support from traditional and non-traditional allies such as grassroots organizations, faith-based organizations, communities of color, labor organizations, civil rights and social justice non-governmental organizations. His work with national and international organizations like NAACP, National Action Network, Medical Teams International and other national civic organizations is breaking new ground for 21st century partnerships to further innovation in healthcare and business development for a global marketplace.

Kim Vu

Kim Vu

Bank of America

CSR professional highly skilled in identifying emerging trends and creating win-win partnerships that benefit the greater community. Leveraging 15+ years of experience in development of new business lines and programs to create meaningful economic and social impact for business and nonprofit organizations.

Debra Holland

Debra Holland

Pacific Continental Bank

I am proud to work at Pacific Continental Bank, where we serve the nonprofit sector with highly personalized banking services. This means that nonprofits can focus on the success of their mission. I do this work because of my deep commitment to the sector, having been a nonprofit professional for nearly 30 years before becoming a banker in 2009.

Linda Peffer

Linda Peffer

CSR Consultant

Linda has over 20 years experience and success as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) professional with global fortune 500 companies in initiating, developing, launching, and overseeing continuous improvement in CSR programs focusing on Philanthropy, Human Rights and the Environment. She led the global CSR efforts for Nordstrom, Inc. from 1995 to 2014 and most recently, developed and implemented the program for Concur Technologies, now a SAP company based in Germany.   

Ric Brewer

Ric Brewer

Bartell Drugs
Ric Brewer is the senior communications manager for Bartell Drugs, the country’s largest, family owned pharmacy chain. Brewer has created a number of internal communication pieces to increase understanding of company goals across the chain, as well as reformatting the organization’s external customer comment channels, increasing opportunities for contact and analysis of feedback. As the strategic counsel, Brewer has created a crisis communications plan for the company’s executive leadership team and increased community awareness of the unique, local aspects of the Bartell brand in order to advance Bartell’s identity and market position within the Puget Sound region.
Under his direction, Bartell’s charitable giving program has been refocused and formalized, implementing a system that not only more closely aligns the program’s mission with the overall organization goals, but has also increased more targeted community giving across a broader spectrum of organizations in a centralized, more streamlined fashion.
Cliff Schmidt

Cliff Schmidt

Literacy Bridge

Cliff Schmidt started Literacy Bridge in 2007 to address global poverty and disease by making practical agriculture and health knowledge accessible to those who need it most. He led the development of an audio-based mobile device called the “Talking Book” for people with minimal literacy skills living in rural areas without electricity or Internet access.

Cliff received the Microsoft Alumni Foundation Integral Fellow Award by Bill and Melinda Gates and was awarded a Clinton Global Initiative membership by President Bill Clinton. He received the top prize at the Tech Awards in 2012 and Computerworld Honors in 2013, and was selected by the PBS Newshour as one of five Agents for Social Change in 2013.

Prior to starting Literacy Bridge, Cliff was a software developer for Microsoft and a nuclear engineering officer for the US Navy Submarine Force. He received his B.S. in Cognitive Science from MIT and his M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Washington.

Katie Teplicky

Katie Teplicky

Mary’s Place

Katie Teplicky joined Mary’s Place the Director of Development in January 2015. Katie brought over two decades of experience leading community, nonprofit, and education fundraising projects in Washington. Her knack for building relationships, bringing people together, and igniting passions has helped to increase Mary’s Place budget from $2 million in 2014 to $10 million today. She was a significant factor in the unprecedented success of Mary’s Place recent No Child Sleeps Outside crowdfunding campaign where the organization partnered with over 50 local businesses and corporations to raise $4.5 million including $1 million each from Starbucks, the Starbucks Foundation and the Schultz Family Foundation. Mary’s Place success partnering with the business community to raise critical funding will enable the organization to bring more than 500 families inside to warmth, safety, and stability this year.

Mary Theisen

Mary Theisen

College Success Foundation
With more than 20 years of brand management, marketing and sales experience, Mary leads marketing and strategic communications for the non-profit College Success Foundation, whose mission is to support low-income underserved students to finish high school, graduate from college and succeed in life.  
Mary was an executive at Starbucks Coffee Company for 15 years, where she led Global Channel Brand Management with responsibility for consumer products marketing in all international markets.
She supported the establishment of the Starbucks consumer product portfolio in the U.S. and globally, with strategic launches of Starbucks & Seattle’s Best Coffee; Starbucks Verismo brewing system; VIA and RTD beverages Frappuccino and Tazo Tea.  
Mary is inspired by the example her parents set for community service and engagement. 
She serves on the board for the nonprofit Saving Promise whose mission is to implement a strategic evidence-based call to action to reduce the impact of domestic violence.
Mary received her Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree from Georgetown University; and her Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees in German from the University of Missouri in Kansas City, graduating with honors. 
She is an avid traveler and a passionate explorer of national parks. 
Joy Stephens

Joy Stephens

Corporate Giving Network

With over 25 years of sales, training and marketing experience, Joy’s strength lies in connecting nonprofit and for-profit organizations for a mutually beneficial outcome. Her commitment to continuous learning and professional development means that training is in the forefront of her skill sets.   As one that believes that nothing happens until something is sold, she is a firm believer that sales/fundraising skills must be fine tuned especially as the business world is constantly changing and skill sets must change along with it to stay current and relevant.

Joe Waters

Joe Waters

As a speaker, writer and consultant, Joe Waters is one of the country’s leading authorities to do-gooders, nonprofits and businesses on how to use cause marketing and social media to establish, grow and deepen relationships with stakeholders.



Registration & Continental Breakfast


Welcome & Program Introduction

8:30AM - 9:30AM

Topic: Sponsorship

Speaker: Joy Stephens

A business will pay for brand visibility by covering the costs associated with a nonprofit’s activities, programs, or special events. The business furthers the nonprofit’s mission which in turn recognizes this support through acknowledgment on its website, social media outlets, in press releases, on marketing material and at the venue for the event.
What is new and groundbreaking in sponsorship? We’ll explore Five Sponsorship Trends which will include a deep dive on how to valuate your assets. Our speaker is an expert in sponsorship valuation and sponsorship strategy working with nonprofits to define their sponsorship goals, determine market value of their sponsorship assets and create strategies that work.
Joy Stephens, Founder and CEO of Corporate Giving Network

9:45AM - 10:45AM

Topic: Employee Engagement & Workplace Giving

Speakers: Kim Vu,  Aaron Hurst, Karen Bergin, Kim Solem and Linda Peffer

Estimated to be approximately $4 billion in 2015 according to America’s Charities, Employee Engagement & Workplace Giving has seen the most growth over the last ten years as employees pressure their employers to become more involved in the community. All kinds of variations on this theme exist such as:
  • Employers matching their employees’ donations
  • Granting time off work to allow workers to volunteer 
  • Supporting workplace fundraisers 
  • Encouraging their executives to sit on boards
Further to these variations is the trend  that companies will not likely support a nonprofit unless their employees are involved somehow. It is to this end that nonprofits must know where their donors work so they can target their ask and therefore increase the chances of getting funded.
In this session, we will explore the many ways that companies get involved with nonprofits through their workforce,  share ways in which to engage companies that do not have programs in-house and learn how to recruit board members whose employers have matching gift programs. 
Business leaders from a variety of commercial sectors will participate on this panel. 

Speaker(s): Panel of three industry leaders from Fortune 1000 companies headquarted in the Seattle area. Moderator TBD

11:00AM - 12:00PM

Topic: Corporate Philanthropy

Speaker: Cliff Schmidt, Nate Miles, Katie Teplicky and Debra Holland

‘The business of giving’ as coined by the Puget Sound Business Journal (PSBJ) on the face of its Corporate Citizenship May 2016 publication is at the core of corporate giving. The top 25 corporate philanthropists with revenues greater than $500 million gave $158 million in cash to Washington State organizations in 2015. How much of that number did your nonprofit get?   
Industry leaders from Fortune 1000 companies headquartered and/or with major operations in the Seattle area. The moderator for this session will be the managing editor from the PSBJ. 

12:15PM - 1:30PM

Topic: Corporate Social Responsibility

Sam Whiting – BOEING

Lunch: Three course sit-down meal with vegetarian option


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to business practices involving initiatives that are mutually beneficial to society and companies and can usually be bucketed into three main areas:

1.) Environmental – the company engages in practices that reduces or eliminates its impact on the environment and use of natural resources

2.) Human Rights – company ensures fair and ethical sourcing practices

3.) Charitable – the company gives back to the community

In return for adopting CSR into its culture and operations, companies benefit from an increase in sales and customer loyalty as more consumers are looking to buy from companies with practices that match their own values.  Our keynote speaker will share the CSR approach taken by their firm, what benefits their company gains and how nonprofits can encourage companies without CSR initiatives to begin by starting with community outreach.

1:45PM - 2:45PM

Topic: Cause-Related Marketing 

Speakers: Joe Waters, Mary Theisen, Ric Brewer and Joy Stephens


Best defined as a partnership between a nonprofit and for-profit entity which produces a mutually beneficial outcome. The nonprofit gains awareness and money whereas the for-profit benefits from an enhanced reputation which invariably increases sales.

We’ll begin this session with an explanation of cause-related marketing showcasing examples using national programs. Next, we’ll hear from nonprofits that have successfully executed programs locally. At the end of this session, you’ll have the knowledge needed to launch a cause-related marketing campaign within your own organization.

Speakers: Panel consists of two nonprofits and their business partners.

3:15PM - 3:30PM

Closing Remarks & Major Prize Drawing

3:30PM - 5:00PM

Happy Hour & Networking

A private cash bar will be set up for our exclusive use. 


The Corporate Giving Network held its inaugural conference on Thursday March 2, 2017 at the Columbia Tower Club, 76th Floor, Seattle, WA. This exclusive venue can claim stunning view scapes.

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